Re Styling Juniper Literati

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Dear Bonsai Lovers,

For two years I had this juniper tree, a pre bonsai that had a somewhat thin and long trunk, so the tree itself suggested that I should make a Literati style bonsai out of it.  I have to excuse myself for not having images of this tree as it used to be before I started the first design.  I removed a good number of branches and left enough branches at the top to start forming the actual apex.  Last year I repotted this tree in a flat training pot, and foliage has grown since then.



A Literati style is a simple style with minimal foliage, and a thin and twisted trunk.  Foliage should have the triangular shape, and a shallow pot.

Spring will soon arrive and I noticed that new foliage is budding, that means that the tree is healthy, so  I decided to restyle this Literati from the traditional Literati style.

Started by applying raffia in a bandage way, to most of the trunk to keep the bark attached to the wood when doing heavy twists to the trunk.  Applying raffia also protects the bark from the thick copper wire.




Anchored two wires at the foot of the tree, one at a time.  This wire will help the tree to be twisted and to maintain the new shape.


I slightly trimmed the foliage to get maintain the triangular design.  Now I have to wait for more foliage to grow and fill the pad.

I am predicting that I will repot this tree when I am satisfied with the apex.

Martin Abela

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