Drastic Pruning on Lantana Trees

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To put you in my scenario, I have these three Lantana bonsai species, that were given to me when a person dig them out of the garden he wanted to redecorate.  One of them I potted in bonsai pot and the others in a wooden pot.  This was two years ago.  Since then, I watered, fed and trimmed on a regular bases.  Since during this winter, we had a lot of rain, I reduced watering drastically.  Wind also played its toll since they are in an open area.

Although spring has been here for just a few days, new buds are emerging on every species, some in a fast while others in a slower pace.  The Lantana’s are amongst the fast budding species, and I am referring to my personal trees.  Since these trees were somewhat defoliated, due to the wind, I noticed that some of the new buds were further away from the main trunk and on very straight branches.  The lantana species have brittle branches and wiring is not the best option to train for a good bonsai, cut and grow is a better option.  So I decided to give a drastic pruning to these Lantana’s to correct the ramifications of each tree.

It did not take me a long time, and with a sharp scissors, I started from the lower branches walking my way upwards towards the apex.  This pruning will give more strength to the overall tree while encouraging new growth closer to the main trunk.




To help you understand why I started with a drastic pruning, I will add a follow up of this blog.

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