Dwarf Pomegranate

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The Dwarf Pomegranate or Punica Granatum var. Nana is subtropical deciduous tree.

It is a good choice to train as a bonsai and with it’s orange/yellow color and a trumpet shaped flowers  and it’s tiny red balls fruit will become more interesting and pleasant looking.  What makes this tree fascinating is that it carries all aspects of a full-grown tree in nature but in a miniature size.  Leaves, flowers and fruits are identical but smaller, which makes this tree a perfect bonsai species.  Keeping this species in a shady area and cut back on watering, in mid-spring, will encourage the tree to flower more.  Another reason why the dwarf pomegranate is ideal as a bonsai, is because it can be trained in various styles:

  • Cascade or Semi Cascade
  • Informal Upright
  • Forest
  • Literati
  • Root Over Rock
  • Twin Trunk

The Dwarf Pomegranate should be kept in direct sunlight for long hours while maintaining moist soil but not too wet.  Pot the dwarfed pomegranate in a deep pot so that roots have plenty of room to grow in.  One suggestion when styling this species is to use the cut and grow method since the branches can easily break.
Recently I re-potted this Pomegranate Nana to an actual bonsai pot and just after few weeks, it shows that Spring is around.  New foliage is emerging, and this indicate that re-potting was properly done and that the tree is in a healthy state.  That is one of the reasons why re-potting is carried out in February, so that after few weeks the tree will get out of the dormant season and starts budding new buds.
Before the tree is fully covered with foliage, one can see properly the tree structure:

  • The Tapered Trunk
  • A Matured Bark
  • The First Branch
  • The Back Branch
  • The Apex

A follow up of this blog will be done once this tree will needs trimming.

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