Pruning two junipers

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Last Saturday, May the 13th, 2017, I decided to prune two junipers that I potted in shallow pots in January 2016.  Both look healthy and having signs of new growth.

Juniper 1:


This juniper has a slanting style.  It is not the first time I styled this tree, so the branches has initial bending, slowly training it to my desired shape I had in mind.



Juniper 2:


Although this Juniper has a slanting style, but one can say that it is more of an informal style.


The trimming procedure

  • Started from the lower pads by trimming away the weak foliage
  • Shaping the first branch using Guy wires.  Plastic tubing was used to protect the bark.

  • Turned my attention and removed foliage that was growing
  • Forming each pad, starting from the lowest foliage pad.
  • A bonsai pad should be formed by having a flat or slightly rounded bottom.
  • The upper foliage fills the complete pad in a ‘clamp shape’.
  • Thin and tapered foliage at the edge of the pad.
  • Fuller foliage at the center and back of the pad.

  • The shape of the juniper pads should have a semi-rounded one.
  • Each pad varies in size and shape according to the pad position.
  • Upper pads should not block light falling on the lower pads, so that each pad should have the same amount of light source: this enables photosynthesis, that will make the tree to grow vigorous.
  • Once light will penetrate the pads, the growth of back budding will be encouraged.

  • The growth of new back buds have two advantages:
    • Fuller pads
    • The possibility to reduce the pad size, thus reducing the overall size of the tree, and having a more compact looking bonsai.
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